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In March 2020, HubSpot announced the release of its new content management system called CMS Hub. The former version of HubSpot CMS was around for almost six years and its longevity speaks for itself. However, the launch of the new CMS Hub is a game-changer. Apart from the extended functionality, the new CMS Hub offers improved editing experience for both marketers and developers. All in all, it provides the right tools and methodology to create exponential customer experiences on HubSpot websites.

A shift in the approach of the
HubSpot CMS Hub

Back in the day, the old HubSpot CMS was built around the marketer. This focus was found to neglect the needs of the developers, which resulted in a CMS where the development of websites was difficult and time-consuming. The new CMS Hub has two goal – first, to improve the developer experience while creating digital assets such as themes, templates, and modules; second, to improve the marketer experience while creating content, e.g., updating pages and blog posts. In this post I will show you how the new CMS Hub is

Less pain more gain for developers!

So what does this exactly mean for developers?


Do you want to know exactly what changed in HubSpot CMS? Keep reading…


Local development & HubSpot’s own Command Line Interface (CLI).


Yes, it is finally here. Hurray!


The lack of local development tooling was one of the major drawbacks in the HubSpot CMS development process.


Here at ClickRay, we experienced the two major drawbacks:

  1.  The system was time consuming and cumbersome to work with.
  2.  Also, it did not accommodate career growth for our developers.


Why was this happening?


Co-Founder & CEO

Szymon, as the main originator and the co-founder of the company, has been with it from the very beginning, that is from 2012. He develops marketing strategies and personally supervises projects, making sure that everything goes smoothly and on time. Szymon has a master’s degree in marketing management. He is responsible for the content-related and business side of projects. Put simply, he listens to our customers and makes sure they get what they expect. He is always eager to share his know-how and some useful tips with the rest of the team.