About CPA Global

CPA Global is the world’s leading intellectual property management and technology company. The firm supports over 10 000 customers and connects millions of global IP users every day. CPA Global offices are located all around the world: Europe, Asia, Australia, and the USA


CPA Global was working with Storylead (Swiss-based Inbound Sales and Marketing Agency) on its Inbound sales and marketing campaigns. To enable the full potential of Inbound sales and marketing, Storylead reached out to Clickray to implement the new design of the website in HubSpot CMS.

Google Maps API was implemented to showcase the company’s address on the website. Special Twitter feed modular was designed and developed to showcase content directly from Twitter feed by pulling data through the Twitter API. HubDB was utilized on the modular called “This could interest your section”. Clickray team managed a full content migration from the old site to the new one.

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Tools we used

In this project the content migration 1:1 and global redesign were implemented. Also, Clickray team applied untypical element such as Twitter API to dynamically receive posts from the Twitter directly to the Home Page.

  • Hubspot COS
  • Programming
  • CSS3
  • Redesign
  • Bootstrap 3
  • HubL
  • JavaScript (JQuery)
  • Hubspot API
  • Google API
  • HubDB
  • Twitter API