Mercuric Modular
Template Set

Mercuric Modular Theme is our largest template package on the market, therefore will certainly satisfy the most demanding tastes. It’s lively, multi-faceted and at the same time remains extremely easy to customize, thanks to innovative solutions.

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Non-standard for HubSpot custom modules: search fields in templates, topics filters, videos as backgrounds and many, many more.
Customization tool
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Free Setup
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Three different ways to start working

Mercuric Modular Premium

100 Templates

The Premium package provides full access to all 100 highly customizable templates offered as part of the Mercuric Modular package. Take the opportunity and build more templates from the available modules.

1049 USD

Mercuric Modular Advanced

50 Templates

The Advanced package offers 50 highly customizable templates such as home, blog, system pages, etc. This multifunctional package will surely meet more extensive needs and provide more choices.

649 USD

Mercuric Modular Standard

20 Templates

The Standard package contains 20 customizable templates such as home, case study, blog, system pages, etc. This modern package is the quintessence of a well-functioning website and contains absolute basic templates.

349 USD


Why should you consider this template?

Classy CSS animations, as well as Clickray and FontAwesome icons will make your content more attractive.
The grid system, which is based on Bootstrap 4, is highly focused on mobile devices, provides more responsive breakpoints and flexbox technology. Using it is not difficult!
Modern and admirable Home Page design will help you outstrip other players on the market.
Drag and drop technology makes it easy to customize your Template.
Template Customizer lets you change the look of your Template in order to align your website with your corporate identity without any trouble. There is no need of coding skills!
Multiple & Various layouts of the websites, blog, landing, thank you, and system pages, as well as email templates, will improve the quality of your inbound marketing activities and efforts.
Easy-to-navigate, reliable documentation created specially to facilitate the use and self-customization of the complex Mercuric Modular’s package.
Access to many types of amazing navigations, which are extremely easy to set up. All equipped with the newest HubSpot's modules.

Turbo Mercuric Template Set

  • Candy and innovative Mercuric Modular helps you create attractive and intuitive websites with delightful website pages, landing pages, blogs and many more
  • Quick customization in a few simple steps with HUBSPOT TEMPLATE CUSTOMIZER
  • 137 non-standard customizable modules with multiple ways of usage
  • 100 different templates including websites, blog, landing, thank you, and system pages, as well as email templates
  • 61 website templates, 15 landing pages, 13 blog templates, 6 system pages and 5 email templates
  • Mercuric Modular makes it possible to move any module to any location in the template. Therefore, a completely new template may be created