Template Customization
Hourly Packages

When you purchase any of our template themes,
you can start a customization process with one of our hourly packages.

* Basecamp - a web-based project management tool. Its primary features are to-do lists, milestone management, forum-like messaging, file sharing, and time tracking.
** Harvest - a web-based time tracking tool which also offers invoicing, expense tracking, and time-based reporting.
*** Keep in mind, that each package has its own duration. The 10 hours package is valid for 20 working days. The 20 hours package for 30 working days and 50 hours package for 60 working days. For more information go to our Terms and Conditions.


Basic Template
Standard Template
Customization 10 h
Advanced Template
Customization 20 h
Advanced Template
Customization 50 h

Free initial template setup

We install the code generated by the Template Customizer after you set brand colors, styles, and fonts using this tool.


One hour of a consultation time

We do not leave any of our customers stranded. You can Submit a Ticket in our Help Center, and we will respond up to 48 hours with the solution for you.


Opening a project

We open a dedicated Basecamp project for you to communicate with our team easily and to check the work progress on an ongoing basis.


Tracking of time

We use Harvest software to track the actual time spent on the project. You receive detailed reports to each task.


Hours of development time

Use these hours for any task in the customization process. The Clickray team will help you implement changes and adjust templates according to your needs. If you still have some unused time from the package, you may use it at any other moment whenever you will need.




Price after buying template pack

FREE550 €1000 €2375 €
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* Valid for 20 working days.
** Valid for 30 working days.
*** Valid for 60 working days.

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